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Here's What Pharrell's "Happy" Sounds Like Without Music

Spoiler: It's not very happy.

It's amazing that Pharrell's "Happy" still has traction, especially since it was released in November. The music video in particular has inspired more than its fair share of fan tributes, at one point causing the 41-year-old superstar to cry happy tears on Oprah. (Said Pharrell, reflectively, "Why am I crying on Oprah?")

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The Top 5 Leadership Stories, April 14-18

Some of this week's top stories sounded like we've had our head in the clouds--but really, working less, following your passions, and being more courageous are possible.

Be less annoying on Twitter, more brave in the board room, and smarter about your search engine tactics: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of April 14.

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This Is How Much It Costs To Legally Watch A New Game of Thrones Episode

Assuming you're not watching anything else. Australians, for example, would have to pay $49 minimum per episode. And in the U.S.?

The Game of Thrones premiere two weeks ago notched a record 8.2 million viewers. And you can bet that minutes after the show aired, several million more typed "Game of Thrones s04e01" into BitTorrent.

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Play This Fun Trivia Game To Help Support Sesame Street

Play Along asks lighthearted true-or-false questions while Cookie Monster watches from the screen. Each correct answer sends a penny his way.

If you're looking for a virtuous way to procrastinate today, check out PlayAlong, a simple trivia game that donates money to children's education every time you get an answer right.

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Don't Be Surprised When You See A "Safe Rides Fee" On Your Next UberX Receipt

Uber wants its riders and drivers to be safe, but it'll cost an extra buck per ride.

The next time you get scooped up by an UberX driver, don't be surprised when you're charged an extra dollar. On Friday, the service announced it is adding a "safe rides fee" in U.S. cities where UberX ride shares are available. What does that $1 pay for?

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MIT Creates A New Map A Day To Inspire Social Change

Mapping everything from urban greenery to independent coffee shops, the "You Are Here" project aims to build a whopping 10,000 city maps in total.

Mapping a city used to take an incredibly long time; one 18th century map of London took more than a decade to survey and draw by hand. Now, thanks to easy access to data online, a group of designers, computer scientists, artists, and educators at MIT is able to make at least one new map of a city each day. Eventually, the Social Computing Group hopes to make 100 maps for each of 100 cities, or 10,000 maps in total.

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Can A Cup Of Coffee Make Workers Less Likely To Lie?

Researchers think so. Sleepy but caffeinated workers are better at resisting social pressure to act unethically.

Go ahead and have another cup of coffee. A new study from the Journal of Applied Psychology says that coffee helps sleep-deprived workers resist social pressure to act unethically.

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The Worst Infographic Of 2014 (So Far)

In a baffling move, NBC has turned data on U.S. demographics into a map showing that all Asians live in Maine.

Earlier this week, the NBC Nightly News decided to recreate an infographic originally published by the Pew Research Center, showing the distribution of race and ethnicity in the U.S. from 1960 to 2060. The result is so hilariously thick-headed, it might have already won the title of worst infographic of 2014.

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Fabergé's Big Egg Hunt

Fabergé is hosting a very big hunt of very big eggs.

If you've walked around New York City in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, you may have come across a two-and-a-half-foot-tall egg. It happened to me the other day. There's a large egg with a beige and brown shell perched in the small park outside Fast Company's offices in downtown Manhattan, like a statue dedicated to a fallen hero or a political figure. In truth, it's a temporary art installation: Egg Number 253.

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How Cutting Down On Clutter Can Increase Your Productivity

Armed with a label maker and a degree in psychology, Natalie Schrier creates calm out of chaos.

As anyone who has watched an episode of Hoarders knows, holding on to things (especially fossilized cat skeletons) is almost never about the actual thing. There is usually a strong emotional or psychological undercurrent to all that disorder. So it makes sense that when Natalie Schrier, president of New York City-based organization company Cut the Clutter, enters a space, she's doing way more than just finding a place for her clients' stuff.

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5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Hack The "Boy's Club" Of Investors

Women are making progress in the small-business world, but it could be better--and honing financing skills helps.

First the good news: more women are launching startups--since 1998, women-owned businesses have increased by 60%. The bad news: How they're financing their ventures isn't quite as groundbreaking.

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Secrets To Hiring Great Interns

From integrating them into the team to getting what you pay for: Check out these tips on finding and keeping interns.

You know the value of hiring interns: They should make your life easier. They should own responsibilities--small, medium, and large--like any one else at your startup. They should be a part of your team, and you should value their opinions.

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What You Can Learn About Adaptability From Sylvan Learning

You already know your business needs to keep up with the times and adapt to changing landscapes. But if you're a franchiser, this also means ascertaining 100% buy-in from all your franchisees and their customers, which can be easier said than done.

When W. Berry Fowler decided to give up his formal teaching career to open a tutoring business in 1979, he had no idea he was at the forefront of a revolution.

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5 Free Apps For Keeping Great Notes

Save your eureka moments. These note-taking apps are at your fingertips.

If you have more ideas than places to store them, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.

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How Chelsea Is Changing The Clinton Foundation

Here's how Bill and Hillary's daughter is making a difference at the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation's troubles are well-documented. In this month's Fast Company cover story, Danielle Sacks writes about the impact Chelsea Clinton's "hands-on" involvement has had at her parents' organization:

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Scientists Clone Stem Cells From Adults For The First Time

This comes a year after researchers created the first early-stage human clones derived from infant and fetal cells.

For the first time, scientists have created early-stage embryos using cloned cells from adults.

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MVRDV's Furniture Playfully Undermines Urban Sprawl

The Dutch architecture firm designs a fun series with a visually exciting, building block effect.

Last week in Milan, the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV unveiled an installation of 77 colorful, large foam cushions that look like they belong in an upscale indoor playground.

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Facebook's "Nearby Friends" Feature Notifies You When Friends Are Around

Similar to Apple's Find My Friends app, Nearby Friends can notify users if friends are close by. Facebook stresses the feature is optional.

Facebook is rolling out a feature to help users find and connect with online friends in real life.

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Evernote And Moleskine Team Up To Create Smart Business Notebook

The notebook is geared toward workers jotting down notes in meetings.

Evernote and Moleskine are at it again. The two companies have partnered up to create a special notebook for Evernote users geared toward enterprise customers.

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A Shipping Container Hotel You Can Play Jenga With

At Hive-Inn, rooms can get swapped out and rebranded.

Hive-Inn, a new hotel concept by Hong-Kong-based architects at OVA Studio, looks like what might happen if Times Square and Las Vegas had a baby. And that baby grew up and had a baby with the game Jenga.

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Why The WebView Is The Future Of Mac OS X Apps

Caught between building a web app and a native Mac OS X app, the engineers behind Macaw decided to go hybrid. Here's why more developers will follow in their footsteps.

How Nike Turned An Italian Suit Label Into The Air Jordan XX9s

Following a series of incidents in which shoes have fallen apart on the basketball court, Nike releases the Air Jordan XX9s. A 250-year-old weaving technology makes them the toughest and lightest Jordans to date.

A well-designed clothing label is resilient. The signature of a designer, it is strong enough to stand up against years of wear, comfortable enough to feel like it isn't there at all, and vivid enough to make a garment's designer standout. For the Air Jordan XX9s, Nike's designers have taken the most invisible part of any garment and turned it into a basketball shoe--literally.

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Twitter Just Borrowed One Of Facebook's Smartest Features

Two words: App distribution.

Like the best of frenemies, Twitter and Facebook like to steal tricks from one another all the time. Users like hashtags and trending topics? Don't mind if I do, Twitter! Mom is used to Facebook's friendly profile layout? Let's borrow heavily from that.

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Can Robot Musicians Play Songs That Entrance Human Ears?

Electronic music artist Squarepusher wanted to see if a band of highly sophisticated bots could play emotionally engaging music. The result is his new EP, "Music for Robots."

General Assembly Creates Scholarship Fund For Women, Minorities, And Veterans

The coding school partners with Google, Microsoft, Hirepurpose, and hip-hop artist Nas to create the Opportunity Fund.

The software industry may be lucrative, but it isn't exactly known for being diverse. A number of organizations and individuals are hoping to change that with programs that encourage women and minorities to learn how to code. To that end, on Thursday coding bootcamp General Assembly announced a scholarship fund for aspiring developers, who will in turn volunteer 100 hours to mentor underprivileged youth as part of the program.

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