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#FastPet: Do You Have A Cover Star?

Special, limited time offer: we'll put your pet on the cover of Fast Company! (Sorta)

This has been quite a week for Pet Week and to cap it off, we are going to be doing something silly for a few hours on Oct. 24th:

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Paul Allen Donates $100 Million To Fight Ebola

The Microsoft cofounder's gift will buy medical equipment, pay salaries, and launch partnerships with med schools.

Paul Allen, Microsoft's cofounder, just donated $100 million to the fight against Ebola. The donation, announced today at a Seattle press conference, will go toward supplies for humanitarian aid workers, training, lab equipment, and employees for Liberian health care providers (in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical School), and creation of a new crowdfunding website called TackleEbola. Allen's announcement follows a previous earmarking of $26 million to the Centers for Disease Control and several other medical group.

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Can Target Reclaim Its Design Moxie?

CEO Brian Cornell wants to compete on product, and not just price

As Target gears up for its first holiday season since an epic breach of its data systems last year, new CEO Brian Cornell is shifting away from discounts and toward design, with a renewed focus on dressing both its customers and their homes. Whether that strategy will pay off remains to be seen.

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Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs In Upcoming Film

The Dark Knight star will depict the Apple cofounder in the Aaron Sorkin-written movie.

Aaron Sorkin thinks Batman star Christian Bale will "crush" the role of Steve Jobs.

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Uber Cancels Sexist "Hot Chick" Promotion

The company now calls the planned promotion a "clear misjudgment."

This week in Lyon, France, Uber joined forces with a app named Avions de Chasse on a promotion that promised Uber customers free, 20-minute rides with "hot chick" drivers. But after the story made the rounds, the partnership was "canceled immediately," an Uber spokesperson told Business Insider.

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The First Real Photoshop Alternative For iPad Is Here

After years of buzz on the Mac, Pixelmator has finally come to the iPad.

For years, Pixelmator has been the go-to Photoshop alternative on the Mac for people who want an app with all the polish of an Adobe product, without actually letting Adobe sink their claws into them. Now, it's available on the iPad, finally allowing designers and artists on the go to "pixelmate" to their heart's content.

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Glow-In-The-Dark Highways Open In The Netherlands

The smart highway pilot is over, and the plan is to take the system international.

After months of pilot testing, a glow-in-the-dark smart highway in the Netherlands has finally gone public in the Dutch city of Oss, and there are plans to expand the technology to other highways in the Netherlands and internationally.

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Here's Who Paid Almost $1 Million For A 1976 Apple Computer

After being sold at an auction, the computer will be put on permanent display in a museum.

The tech news cycle has been utterly dominated by all things Apple these last few weeks, but it's an almost 40-year-old piece of Apple hardware that's grabbing everyone's attention today. This week, a 1976 Apple-1 computer, which retailed for $666.66 back in the day, was sold at auction for a whopping $905,000.

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How The Pre-Facebook Web Inspired Facebook's Latest App: Rooms

Rooms, an app for creating communities, borrows some of its basic concepts from web forums.

Web forums may not be pretty, but they've long been popular. Just browse Yahoo Groups or Reddit, and you'll see the vast array of interests that can sprout deeply engaged communities. Facebook's newest "Creative Labs" app, Rooms, aims to bring the spirit of online forums to a mobile-friendly format.

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Mark Zuckerberg Learns Chinese, Random Internet Users Still Unimpressed

After Mark Zuckerberg pulled off a 30-minute Mandarin conversation, Internet commenters made fun of him.

It's not often one gets to write the words "Poor, poor Mark Zuckerberg." But that's the reaction this morning after video of Zuckerberg speaking in Mandarin for 30 minutes surfaced. The Facebook founder conducted a Chinese -anguage interview at Beijing's Tsinghua University…and Internet commenters immediately began savaging him for having a heavy American accent when he speaks Chinese.

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Google Reveals Who Actually Uses A Smartwatch

Right now, Google says smartwatch users fall into two camps: The cord-cutters, and the hyperconnected. And it plans to accommodate both.

While the Apple Watch isn't due out until next year, watches running Google's Android Wear have been out for four months now. Today, Android Wear watches will see their first major update and the company tells us that they've learned a lot in that time.

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Jawbone Launches Drop, A Twitter-Based Streaming Music Service

The new music service lets you "Drop" a song onto a playlist just by sending a tweet.

Fitness-and-audio titan Jawbone just released their new product--a Twitter-based audio player called Drop, which is being billed as a "personal DJ for every moment." By tweeting a song name or a band name at a contact with a Twitter account, a song is added to the person's playlist. Drop is manna for the considerable crowd out there that's interested in social music discovery… and for music publicists, who now have a very easy way to push songs (U2 style?) onto stranger's speakers.

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Twitter Wants To Be Your Gatekeeper

They want to make an easier and less intrusive single sign-on.

When you go to a site that isn't Facebook or Twitter, the easiest way to log in is often through Facebook. Twitter wants to change that, by promising to not share as much info as Facebook does.

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Starbucks's Chestnut Praline Latte Is Coming To Fight The Amazon-ification Of Holiday Shopping

It's the seasonal marketing, silly.

Starbucks has a new beverage. It's a Chestnut Praline Latte.

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Investors Give Ello $5.5 Million Even After It Bans Its Most Obvious Revenue Source

Ello has legally promised not to advertise and accepted $5.5 million in funding on the same day. Let the social media experiment begin!

Upstart social network Ello caught the tech world's attention (if only for a Silicon Valley minute) with its promise to never sell user data or advertising.

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What This Algebra-Doing Camera App Actually Solves Is A Marketing Problem

Believe it or not, the goal is not to help eighth graders cheat on their homework.

How would you like to hear about a payment data scanning SDK for mobile banking apps?

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This Military Robotics Company Vows To Never Make A Killer Robot

A campaign to forge an international treaty that bans lethal autonomous weapons gets industry backing.

Cars are already close to driving themselves down the highway. How far are we then from military weapons systems that decide on their own when and where to fire?

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Two OkCupid Founders May Have The Solution To The Internet's Identity Problem

There's a lot more at stake here than your naked selfies.

Scan your fingerprint. Enter your mother's maiden name. Provide your phone number. Internet security is a pain in the ass, and after every credit card breach or celebrity selfie hack it gets more annoying and invasive. How many times can Gmail ask for your phone number before it's robo-sexual harassment?

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A Hackathon To Stop Ebola? Not As Dumb As It Sounds

Before dismissing it as Silicon Valley hubris, consider that 80 experts in computer science, epidemiology, and physics took part.

The Pet Body-Shaming Industry Is So Much More Intense Than You Thought

The budding pet fitness industry goes way, way beyond Fitbit for dogs.

"Wow, a Fitbit for dogs," I thought when I first noticed that one of my otherwise-sane friends had attached a shiny round silver tracker to her dog's collar. What a world, Fitbit for dogs. My attitude could be summed up as: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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Dog Complex: Analyzing Freud's Relationship With His Pets

For all of his work interpreting human consciousness, the famed psychologist rarely delved into our obsession with pets.

Dreaming, "we are not in the least surprised when a dog quotes a line of poetry."
Sigmund Freud

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How Do These Curtains Make You Feel? The Science Of Therapists' Offices

Tell me about your relationship to this couch.

Tell me, how does this therapist's office make you feel?

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Stanford And 69 Scientists Say That Brain-Training Games Make Exaggerated Claims

So what do you do when science won't back up your product? If you're Lumosity, you DIY more research.

When it comes to brain-training games, scientific research is slow.

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Marriott's New Photo-Driven Ploy To Attract Millennial Workers

Marriott revamped its job listings to showcase some of the smiling faces of its 203,479 associates on the job. We take a look.

By 2018, millennials will make up half of the workforce, and Marriott wants to ensure it gets the best talent of the future to staff the hotel chain's 1,408 locations. How? Crowdsourced photos.

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The Un-Marketing And Re-Marketing Of Whole Foods

The organic chain just launched its first national ad campaign ever. But does it know how to sell itself?

If you are like most people, you have passed by a Whole Foods Market, stopped into a Whole Foods Market, and heard the joke about Whole Paycheck, but you've never seen an advertisement for Whole Foods Market. That's because, as an organization that hates marketing so much it should probably just drop "Market" from its eponymous name, it is one of the only consumer product companies in the Fortune 500 that has never run national ads. Until this week, when it launched a $15-$20 million campaign with TV ads and a two-page spread in national newspapers.

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