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How Each Presidential Candidate's Education Policy Will Change The Workforce

We break down the candidates' education policies and how the winner will decide the kind of workers you'll be hiring over the next decade.

The three remaining presidential candidates are making big promises to college students in an effort to snag their votes. But policies about tuition, college debt, and standardized testing don't just impact students. They will directly influence the quality of employees that will flood the workforce in the years to come. Anyone interested in hiring tomorrow's talent should be paying attention.

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This App Is The Antidote To This Insane Presidential Campaign

Sidewire—created by a former Republican politico and a Stanford wunderkind—aims to create community around smart political discourse.

It's the night of the Indiana primary, and I'm at a cool, new D.C. hangout called Sidewire. The polls close, and with the almost immediate call for Donald Trump, the place erupts into compelling conversation. Ron Facheaux, a former Louisiana state legislator who now runs a political research group, is the first to say it: "Ladies and gentlemen, the fat lady has sung." Dr. Ben Carson's spokesperson Shermichael Singleton goes deep on the exit polling, noting that "Trump wins with evangelicals, those worried about the economy, college educated, etc. Cruz's message just isn't resonating with Republican voters." As the conversation veers into exploring a third-party conservative candidacy, Travis Considine, Governor Rick Perry's former press secretary, says, "I bet Sen. Cruz bows out tonight." Minutes later, it happens.

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These Are The Best And Worst Places In The U.S. To Be A Working Mother

WalletHub analyzes work/life balance, career opportunities, and childcare to find the states that are friendliest to working moms.

The career challenges faced by working mothers are no big secret. Studies have shown that perceptions such as being more distracted and less goal-oriented compete with the exact opposite view of their male counterparts. No wonder there's been a rise in the "fatherhood bonus" as the "motherhood penalty" continues to challenge career advancement, as well as financial equality. And the hurdles mount when mothers opt to start their own businesses. A new Kauffman report indicates these women face "increased work-family conflict, cognitive biases, and lack of mentorship and social capital."

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Watch Channing Tatum's Fantastic Interview With A Nonverbal Autism Activist

Carly Fleischmann says what we're all thinking about the Magic Mike XXL actor in the charming Speechless with Carly episode.

Author and autism activist Carly Fleischmann recently unveiled her new show, Speechless with Carly Fleischmann. Her first guest? Actor/dancer/drill-wielding superstar Channing Tatum.

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Cutting This Word From Your Vocabulary Might Just Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

It's a lot easier to say "that's interesting" than to explain why.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a brainstorming meeting. After one particularly important idea was mentioned, someone responded with, "That's a really interesting point." And then . . . crickets.

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Here's What Companies Lose By Skimping On Mental Wellness Programs

U.S. adults stand a nearly 50% chance of developing a mental health issue in their lifetimes, yet employers spend little on mental wellness.

By one recent measure, companies are now pouring over $70 billion a year into corporate training in the U.S., an investment that's been growing at record rates in years following the recovery from the last financial crisis.

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Why Your Competition's Staff Will Be Your Best Employees

A new study finds that people who are hired to work at their current employer's competition come to the job with an increased energy.

If you're in an industry where competition for customers is fierce or it's hard to find the best talent, you might want to pay attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Scouting your competition for new "players" can help you gain an edge, according to the new study "Coming Back to Edmonton: Competing with Former Employers and Colleagues," published in the Academy of Management Journal.

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Tips On Getting The Coveted Moms of Instagram To Love You, From A Brand That Did It

Sixty-eight percent of American moms use Instagram daily. Freshly Picked shares tips about how to get them to follow your brand.

In 2012, Susan Petersen was at a conference listening to a business speaker drone on about how important it is for companies to be where their customers hang out. As the founder of Freshly Picked, a company that makes tiny leather moccasins for babies, her target demographic was new moms. "I thought, my customers spend all their time breastfeeding," she recalls. "Instagram is the only social platform that lends itself to a one-finger scroll, so I'm going to put all my eggs in the Instagram basket."

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"Captain America" Writers Talk Long-Form Storytelling In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Christopher Markus and Steve McFeely, of Captain America: Civil War and the next Avengers, discuss the Marvel movie long game.

There is no "Last week, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe" refresher course at the start of Captain America: Civil War. (Even a concise, zippy-paced attempt would run at least five minutes long.) Instead, viewers are expected to be familiar with the 10 or so movies that preceded this installment. Anyone who hasn't seen them all will still pick up enough information to follow along, and lose their minds over the skull-rattling, nerd-ambrosia action scenes. But those who have been paying close attention every step of the way will be rewarded by seeing expertly crafted long-form storytelling culminate in a huge payoff.

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The Scientists Who Simulate The End Of The World

The scientists at the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center model cyberattacks, global pandemics, and megastorms.

September 11 transformed the global economy, the way wars are fought, and how the United States keep tabs on citizens. But it also revealed just how complex our world had quickly become in the years leading up to the attack. So complex, in fact, that in the months that followed, the government mandated a project to understand it.

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Get Jealous Of Kids Today With These Photos Of The World's Most Creative Playgrounds

A new exhibit tracks the rise of playground design beyond monkey bars and slides, from a school that's only a playground to adventure playgrounds with no equipment, just junk to play with.

At the Fuji Kindergarten, outside Tokyo, the entire school is a playground: It's possible to climb a tree to get to some classrooms, and take a slide to others. From the roof—where kids play at recess—five-year-olds can look down skylights at friends still in class.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Make You A Better Writer

Textio, a service that helps job recruiters by flagging both good and poor phrasing, now aims to be a real-time writing coach.

The best way to make your writing better is to show it to someone who knows the topic at least as well as you do. That someone can now be an artificial intelligence system that reads and learns faster and more deeply than a human can, says linguist and cognitive scientist Kieran Snyder. Her company, Textio, has launched a new AI web service called Opportunities that she says can figure out what you are trying to say and suggest better ways to do it—within 0.3 seconds.

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There's A Good Reason Why Iced Coffee Costs More Than Hot

Yes, iced coffee seems expensive. But if it's real and good, the price tag may be warranted.

Yes, it's annoying: You walk into a coffee shop on a hot day, order an iced coffee, and then are dismayed to learn that the transaction neared—if not eclipsed—$6. For just a cup of coffee.

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Why Big Businesses Are Becoming More Progressive

The top financial firms are finally realizing why they should look beyond old white men.

Corporate eyes are opening, or at least that's what they're saying.

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Test Flying The Icon A5, A Revolutionary New Plane For Amateur Pilots

Excuse us while we forget journalistic neutrality and gush about a badass airplane that will help more people get into amateur aviation.

Having been to numerous airplane launches, I can tell you with extreme confidence that it's unusual for the CEO of an aviation company to show up to a press event in flip-flops.

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The Best #ManlyBookClubNames For Your Manly Book Club

Because men need book clubs, too.

Men-only books clubs are a hot new trend, the New York Times reports, citing such groups as "The Man Book Club" and "International Ultra Manly Book Club." You can come up with better names than that!

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Why More People Can't Get Suboxone, The Drug That Might Have Saved Prince

For some, Suboxone is just another addiction. But for many many others it's a lifesaver.

According to a new report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Prince died one day before a scheduled meeting with nationally renowned opioid treatment expert, Dr. Howard Kornfield. It's not clear exactly what kind of treatment Kornfield had planned for Prince, but the story states that the doctor is a vocal proponent of expanding the use of the drug Suboxone to treat abusers of heroin as well as opioid painkillers like the ones to which Prince is suspected of being addicted.

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How I Learned To Stop Hating Networking Events (Mostly)

Networking events can be awkward but are still the best way to meet people who can help your career. Here's how to make them less painful.

"Would you like the opportunity to network with some of the most influential professionals in your field?" asks the latest invite to hit your inbox. Of course you wouldn't—networking totally sucks, you remind yourself as you scroll down looking for that minuscule "unsubscribe" link.

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