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See Taylor Swift Remixed With Famous Works Of Art

Artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo had a blank space for his next project—and he wrote Tay's name.

Following the success of his "Mag+Art" project—a series of magazine covers seamlessly blended with classic works of art—Philippines-based artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo received a request to tackle album covers next. The challenge was accepted in the form of "Album+Art Tribute to Taylor Swift."

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Twitter Hopes To Become Friendlier, Triples Its Abuse-Handling Team

Twitter is finally ramping up its abuse control after getting hit hard by critics. Is it enough to reverse slowing growth?

Critics have backed Twitter into a corner for its lax policing of abuse—and in response, Twitter has tripled its abuse report-handling team and now fields five times as many abuse reports as before, according to The Guardian. Will this win Twitter enough goodwill to spur its lagging growth and repair its unfriendly reputation?

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Lunar's First Apple Watch App Is Part Sundial, Part Time Machine

Onetime is a slick app that lets you track multiple time zones as easily as tracing a finger through the sky.

It was the middle of the night, and John Edson's brain was frazzled with jet lag. He couldn't get back to sleep. The president of international design firm Lunar lives in San Francisco, but this was his fifth trip to Beijing in just a few months, and his circadian rhythm was all out of whack. "I woke up in the middle of the night, did some complicated mental math, and decided it was around 2 in the morning," Edson remembers. Plenty of time to get some shut-eye. So Edson popped a melatonin, shut his eyes, and just as he was drifting off, got a call on his hotel phone. "Mr. Edson. It's time for you to wake up."

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If Thoreau Took LSD, This Is The Cabin He'd Design

The Tubakuba is a Scandinavian cottage with a front door that's like crawling through a black hole.

From the foot of the snowy, picturesque massif that residents of Bergen, Norway, call the Seven Mountains, the Tubakuba looks like any number of modernly designed rural cabins. It's a small cube of wood and glass, perched semi-precipitously upon a rocky incline: the sort of retreat that any writer would give his eyeteeth to call home. But it's when you approach the Tubakuba from the back that the cabin truly takes your breath away: it's got an entry portal that looks like a hole torn in space-time.

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Egypt Plans To Build A 650-Foot-Tall Pyramid Skyscraper

It would be the country's tallest building.

Cairo may be getting a new skyscraper inspired by Egypt's oldest architecture. The Zayed Crystal Spark project, announced by the country's housing minister earlier this week, is shaped like a tall, skinny pyramid on top of a broader, shorter pyramid. The 200-meter-tall (650 feet) tower will be Egypt's tallest building to date. The proposed 8.5-million-square-foot development is a mix of government, commercial, and entertainment space, and will be constructed through a public/private partnership.

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The Layman's Guide To Virtual Reality

So many companies, so many technologies. Who can keep it all straight? We can! Here's a plainspeak FAQ to get you up to speed.

Oculus. Facebook. Samsung. Microsoft. Sony. Google. Viewmaster. Virtual reality is coming, but it's a remarkably confusing market, filled with dozens of players, all fighting a war for your face, because the winner will stake a claim on the next era of computing, entertainment, and social networking.

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Take The Fast Company News Quiz

Show how much you know! Here's our quiz for February 27, 2015.

What happened this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events—and earn a special emoji badge. cool-face

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Free App Friday: 5 Ways To Survive This Godawful Winter

Look on the bright side: Come July, we'll probably have only a few inches left.

I live in Boston, so you'll excuse me if I've been a bit surly lately. Every parking spot is marked with some jamoke's busted-up lawn chair, giant icicles are tumbling from rooftops like thunderbolts thrown by Zeus, and the mass transit system is pokier than a kiddie train at an amusement park. Except far less reliable.

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The Future of Consumer Tech Is About Making You Forget It's There

Microsoft, Samsung, GoPro, and others take their best guesses at the next five years of consumer electronics.

When Apple introduced the iPad 2 in 2011, it laid out a noble goal for the future of technology.

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Why Being A Mentor Is Worth The Effort

You know how having a mentor can help your career path, but what about the benefits of being the one who's passing on knowledge?

There is a common phrase in medical education that covers all of the steps of successful learning: "See one, do one, teach one."

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Conquer Jet Lag

You can only switch time zones so much before wearing yourself down. Here's how the most successful people manage jet-setting lives.

Successful entrepreneurs are often practiced travelers: experts at going from a seat cocoon of eye masks and sweatpants, to polished face of their company at the gate. The rest of us are the sea level to their 50,000 feet of professionalism.

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Leadership Lessons From One Of The First Female Fighter Pilots

Carey Lohrenz became one of the first female combat pilots in the Navy by not taking no for an answer.

On the surface, it might not seem like Carey Lohrenz's old office has much in common with the rhythms and interactions found in the typical modern workplace.

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This Guy May Be The Only App Designer In San Francisco Without A Cell Phone

As Matthew Rogers walks the city's streets, he sometimes feels he's the only person living the reality right in front of him.

In 2015, it's hard for most of us to imagine life without a cell phone. That's doubly true if you happen to be an app designer in San Francisco. But a new short documentary tells the story of UX designer Matthew Rogers, who is possibly the last smartphone-free tech person in Silicon Valley. The film contrasts his life with a smartphone-addicted teenage girl.

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Be Inspired By The Year's Best, Funniest, Most Tear-Jerking Videos For A Social Cause

Take a commercial break from cat videos and watch some YouTube clips for social good.

Collectively, humanity has spent more time watching Gangnam Style than it would take to build more than 20 Empire State buildings, four Great Pyramids of Giza, or another Wikipedia. If we're going to be online anyway—the average American spends 20 hours a month watching videos on sites like YouTube—how much of that addiction can be channeled into doing good?

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Gap Hires New Design Chief

After ousting creative director Rebekka Bay, Gap replaces her. Sort of.

Gap, the iconic American brand that's lost its way, is once again trying to find its creative center of gravity. Today, during new Gap Inc. CEO Art Peck's first earnings call, he announced Wendi Goldman would join the brand as its new executive vice president of product design and development. In the newly created position Goldman will lead the San Francisco-based company's global design team, while working closely with merchandising, product operations, and customer experience.

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Facebook Rolls Out A Revamped Suicide Prevention Tool

Some might call it Facebook taking care of its data. We say it's the kind of empathy we need online.

Facebook is changing the way it deals with signs of suicide in its network. A tool that allows users to flag potentially suicidal posts will redirect to ping Facebook's own specialized team when signs of suicide are detected among users' posts—a potential step toward a more empathetic Internet.

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A Defensive Google Consolidates In Europe

Facing legal challenges and calls for breakup, Google combines its myriad divisions in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

As European authorities continue to hound Google with allegations of privacy and antitrust violations, the search giant is combining its departments into one mega-regional body responsible for its activity in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Matt Brittin, who formerly headed up one half of Google's operations in Europe, will lead the company's newly unified efforts there, the Financial Times reports.

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To Become A Grown-Up Business, YouTube Needs To Attract Grown-Up Viewers

The online video platform remains unprofitable, despite an audience of billions.

Young kids loop through their favorite Minecraft animations. Tweens follow makeup tutorials and play Taylor Swift music videos at full volume. But grown-ups—what in the world do grown-ups watch on YouTube?

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Naked Models Drenched In Honey Become Works Of Art In This Stunning Photo Shoot

Photographer Blake Little may not be able to use amber for a new series, but the material he went with is still pretty sweet. (Sorry.)

Honey: good on biscuits, in tea, and, apparently, for drenching naked people from head to toe.

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What Happens When A Photographer Spies On Unsuspecting Tourists


If you've lived in a major city, you know how annoying it is when a clueless tourist steps into your path, inadvertently jamming a camera in your face. But what happens when you turn the camera on tourists themselves? In his series "Down the River," Paris-based photographer Adrian Skenderovic posted himself on a bridge crossing the Seine, and watched tourists float past, capturing them in their natural vacation state. "I was interested in analyzing the behavior of the tourists, the position of their body, the relation they have between each other and the emotion of the moment," he tells us in an email. The results are actually kind of sweet.

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