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Uber Hires IBM's Former Chief Privacy Officer To Review Its Practices

Harriet Pearson worked at IBM for nearly two decades, overseeing security and data protection.

Uber is in damage-control mode. To mitigate the offhand remarks an Uber exec made last week about potentially digging up dirt on journalists, the ridesharing service said Thursday that it has hired IBM's former chief privacy officer to audit how Uber handles customer data.

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Billboard To Add Streaming Data To Its Weekly Album Charts

Better late than never.

Billboard, publisher of the music industry's scorecard of record, is finally catching up. Starting in December the company will include data from more than 1,500 music-streaming services in its weekly album charts, the biggest update to the ranking formula since 1991, when it started using SoundScan data.

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Dropbox Finally Adds Photo Albums To Carousel. What Took So Long?

The photo backup app is also expanding to iPads, Android tablets, and the web.

In the first major update to its Carousel photo backup app, Dropbox is adding albums and expanding the app's presence to iPads, Android tablets, and the web.

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Nasty Gal's New Shopping Bags Are NSFW-ish

Fans, so far, seem to dig it.

Online retailer Nasty Gal debuts its flagship brick-and-mortar store in Melrose tomorrow and the company has treated us to a taste or what we can expect on the store's dedicated Instagram account:

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"Normal Barbie" Will Have Stickers For Scars, Cellulite, And Acne

The Lammily doll's sticker pack was inspired, at least in part, by Demi Lovato.

The "Normal Barbie," Lammily, does not officially ship until January 2015. But in her short time in the public sphere, she has attracted gobs of attention for ditching the mutated proportions of "Barbie" Barbie for the body shape of the average 19-year-old American woman.

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The Adobe Moleskine Can Beam Your Sketches To Photoshop

The catch? You'll need to take a photo with your phone to do it.

Let me guess. You've learned how to make a living wielding a mouse in Photoshop or Illustrator all day, but you still dream of sitting casually in a coffee shop, sipping lattes and sketching in Moleskines, like a beatnik with a dayjob.

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This Device Creates A 3-D Soundscape To Help Blind People Navigate Through Cities

Pulling location data from streetlights, stores, and buses, it translates them into sound.

For someone who can't see, meeting a friend on the other side of town can mean step after step of stressful navigation: Finding a bus stop, figuring out what's going on if the bus is delayed, getting through the gates at the subway, and countless other obstacles along the way. A short trip might take hours of planning, and even familiar routes, like the path to the closest grocery store, can be so challenging that some visually impaired people rarely leave home.

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Sony Pulls The Plug On Steve Jobs Movie

The biopic's fate is unclear.

Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash… and now, we might not even have a second Steve Jobs movie.

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This Map Of London's Surveillance Is Incomplete (Because They Wouldn't Let The Mapper Finish)

Are you even allowed to know who is watching you?

British artist James Bridle is fascinated by surveillance technology. Once, he photographed 140 CCTV cameras on the walk between his London flat and the tube. This past year, he installed a white surveillance balloon above an abandoned East London parking lot. So it made sense that when Bridle was asked to host an online artist's residency, he planned a 12-mile stroll around London's central district to take stock of all the cameras that analyze car license plates.

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This New Restaurant Is A Lab To Help Find Ways The Food Industry Can Fight Climate Change

Anthony Myint's new San Francisco restaurant will find ways for a not-super-sustainable industry to change.

For most restaurants, "sustainable" food means some combination of organic and local and seasonal. And while that's not a bad thing, a new restaurant shows how much farther the food world can go in fighting issues like climate change. The Perennial, which will open in San Francisco early next year, calls itself a "laboratory of environmentalism."

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Building The Epic "Dragon Age: Inquisition," One Character At A Time

The creators of Dragon Age: Inquisition and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. talk about the making of the game's key character.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the vast new installment of the fantasy roleplaying game series from BioWare. It's a multi-layered story set in a massive world and the game has earned raves for its sheer scope and depth, for the sense of agency players feel as they move through the game's worlds, and for its sophisticated treatment of politics. But the game also hinges on strong characters. Whether you are on a battlefield fighting mercenaries or in a castle considering the act of freeing enslaved wizards, it is your comrades who will help you through it. For all its awesome scale, the game is built upon relationships.

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Quiz: Which New App Will Solve Your Productivity Problems?

Stressed? Forgetful? Losing your sanity? Take our quiz to find out which apps can help.

Ever feel as if one more meeting is the only thing standing between you and a nervous breakdown? Fret not—we've curated the best new apps to help. Simply click below on your specific productivity problem and follow our interactive quiz to find the solution.

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The Secrets To Successful Networking From The Most Connected Women

Ten successful women share how they've mastered the art of meaningful networking.

Until the age of 40, Judy Robinett thought she was shy. As a result, she'd go to corporate events and stand in a corner because she felt awkward around others. At some point in her career, the management consultant realized she wasn't getting anywhere by keeping her head down and working hard. She needed to make useful connections.

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This Video Game Proves That Telepathy Is Possible

A new experimental video game uses brain-computer interfaces to make telepathy real.

A team of computational neuroscientists and psychologists at the University of Washington have managed to create telepathy in their lab, enabling one test subject to use his thoughts to control another test subject's body as he played a video game a mile away. The game was created by a team led by Rajesh P.N. Rao.

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Nielsen Can Now Track Netflix Viewership Data

The technology doesn't require the consent of streaming services.

So far, Netflix hasn't played the ratings game, preferring to stay tight-lipped about the number of people who have been binge-watching, say, Gilmore Girls for the past month. (We can say definitively, however, that the number is at least one.)

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See What You'll Look Like In 20 Years

Disagree? Well in 20 years, you can prove the software wrong.

I always hoped to be a silver fox. But I'm a pug. I guess people like pugs.

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The Clever Way The Apple Watch Shapes UI Around Your Movement

The Apple Watch knows how long you're looking at your wrist, and can change what you see based upon that.

Apple recently published its human interface guidelines for the upcoming Apple Watch—what's basically a rundown for how developers should design their apps to work on the platform.

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Brands Are Wasting Time And Money On Facebook And Twitter, Report Says

"Stop making Facebook the center of your relationship marketing efforts," says Nate Elliott, VP and principal analyst at Forrester.

Today market research firm Forrester published a report for brands titled "Social Relationship Strategies That Work."

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This Parody App Deletes Itself After 24 Hours

And man, we wish it were real.

Alex Cornell doesn't design apps. Not really. As the founder of the San Francisco-based creative studio Moonbase, Cornell designs app concepts that use mischief, subterfuge, and parody to critique the weird mobile age we live in.

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Apple Releases Its Most Important Typeface In 20 Years

It's called San Francisco, and you can download it now.

Yesterday, Apple released a new bundle of developer tools called WatchKit to help make third-party Apple Watch apps a reality. But for type lovers, WatchKit contained a nice little surprise: a folder containing 23 different variations of the Apple Watch system font, the first one Apple has designed in-house in almost 20 years. Even better, that typeface finally has a name: San Francisco.

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Uber Says Its Business Depends On Trust--So Why is It Behaving Like This?

The company is dealing with some trust issues.

Near the end of BuzzFeed's report on Monday about Uber executive Emil Michael's caustic dinner rant was a small aside that proposed Uber has a problem keeping user data private.

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You Not Thinking Enough About Getting Fat Is Why You're Fat

Envisioning the long-term consequences of overeating is the best way to prevent it in the first place.

Everyone has food cravings, but some people are better at fighting off temptation than others. What's the best mental strategy to use when the urge comes upon us to eat all those leftovers or dive into that tub of ice cream?

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This Shop Is A Walk-In Optical Illusion

i29 Architects' clever, elegant design for Frame magazine's new Amsterdam shop appears to invert when viewed from different perspectives.

The Dutch publication Frame magazine bills itself as the "world's leading interior design publication." So you can imagine that an interior design firm tasked with creating a retail store for the magazine has quite a reputation to uphold.

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Playstation Teams Up With The New York City Ballet For A Victory Dance

The pirouette meets the PS4 in this new Sony campaign.

The odds anyone ever wondered why there isn't more crossover between video games and ballet, are about as high as some n00b getting to Prestige Mode in one sitting. But in a new campaign, Sony and agency BBH New York enlisted the New York City Ballet to compose some serious moves for Playstation.

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The Original Tweeting: This App Is Like Shazam For Bird Songs

Warblr will let you identify birds by their warbles.

Music identification service Shazam has helped many of us become a little more musically literate. Now, a similar sound-recognition service is set to do the same for other hard-to-identify sounds: the calls and songs of birds.

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