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Amazon To Face Lawsuit Over Questionable Search Results

An appeals court has ruled in favor of a watch company that claims Amazon's search results could be misleading customers.

Ever been stumped by the breadth of brands displayed in Amazon's search results? An appeals court thinks you might have reason to be: On Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco ruled in favor of a Los Angeles-based watch company that claims the e-commerce company is confusing customers with its search results, according to Reuters.

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Twitter Wants To Celebrate Your Birthday Too

With balloons. Lots and lots of balloons (and targeted ads). #HBD

Today in Twitter wants to be the new Facebook: The microblogging platform would like to help ring in your birthday.

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Behold: Shake Shack Unveils The ChickenShack

And a happy Tuesday to you.

After months of rumors that Danny Meyer's burger empire would unveil a new chicken sandwich, Shake Shack finally confirmed the mouthwatering details: The ChickenShack goes on sale today at Shake Shack's three Brooklyn locations.

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The App Economy's Newest Challenge: Making Parking Less Painful

Services that help drivers stow their cars more easily—and often more cheaply—are expanding like mad.

If there's anything in the world all right-thinking people can agree on, it's that death is inevitable, and finding and paying for parking is horrible—so horrible, we may long for the former in search of the latter. While there are an estimated 100 to 200 million commercial parking spots in the U.S., plus about 10% to 20% of that number in on-street metered spaces, fitting cars that need a space into available slots seems intractable, like a physics experiment gone awry.

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The BBC's Newsbeat Program Gets A Dynamic New Redesign

An animated visual identity designed by Moving Brand's Darren Bowles helps launch the brand as a digital-first news source.

The BBC's Newsbeat first launched in 1973 as a news program with a pop culture slant geared toward 16 to 24-year-olds. Today, over 40 years later, the brand is no longer just a radio show that provides news bulletin updates on Radio 1; it also aims to have a strong online presence. To help move the program into the digital sphere, the BBC tapped Moving Brand's Darren Bowles to create a visual identity that would feel as dynamic as its audience.

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This Foldable Office Helps You Get Into Work Mode Anywhere

Devide folds out to signal when it's time to get in the work groove.

Whether due to freelancing or open office plans, more and more American employees are going without a traditional office space. Working from home also is becoming more common—in 2013, Forbes reported that one in five Americans worked from home, a number that was expected to increase sharply in the coming years. But how does one focus on work when surrounded with the temptations of television and food and, often, without a real desk?

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Artist Olafur Eliasson On How Urban Design Impacts Our Psyche

"City planning has been way too pragmatic for a long time."

From a distance Cirkelbroen (circle bridge) on Christianshavns canal in Copenhagen, Denmark, takes on the guise of illuminated ships. Created by artist Olafur Eliasson and set to open on August 22, the bridge is the last link needed to make the entire perimeter of the city's harbor accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.
We are coming to the end of an era where pragmatics govern the organization of public space.

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In Cuba, An Underground Network Armed With USB Drives Does The Work Of Google And YouTube

In a country nearly devoid of Internet access, the weekly distributors of El Paquete create a window to online content.

Huddled around a laptop at the bottom of a stairwell in Havana, a group of three teenage boys banter as they skip between video clips and music. A fourth arrives with some ice cream, which completes a scene reminiscent of teenagers killing time on YouTube. They play an amateur music video in which the singer, looking for a laugh, periodically bangs his head against the wall. Then Beyoncé. Chris Brown.

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A Visual Guide To All Of Those Unpronounceable Ingredients In Processed Food

What do those mystery chemicals actually do? Take a tour of the most common additives to find out how food scientists modify what you eat.

If you've ever perused an ingredient list and wondered why there's polyglycerol polyricinoleate in your candy bar or tertiary-butylhydroquinone in your cereal—or what, exactly, those things are—a new book has the answers.

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Oreo Cookies Get A Blasphemous Slimmer Design

Doomed to fail?

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. What you see is a thinner, slimmer, more "sophisticated" Oreo, says Mondelez International Inc., the famed sandwich cookie's manufacturer. Starting next week, Oreo Thins take to store shelves in the United States. The Thins have a similar cookie to filling ratio to the original version, but are about half as thick at 7.5 millimeters per piece. Pure blasphemy to baked goods, if we say so.

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Google's Waze Launches Ride-Sharing App In Israel

The app will pair Waze users with commuters looking for a ride in Tel Aviv.

Google-owned traffic app Waze is beta-testing a new ride-share initiative in its home city of Tel Aviv.

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Nothing Is Untraceable: How The HackingTeam Got Busted [UPDATED]

A company offers an official comment on their ongoing investigation.

"Here in HackingTeam we believe that fighting crime should be easy," promises the Italian company that offers surveillance services to national governments and law enforcement.

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Today in Tabs: The Greek Crisis, Unexplained

Reddit, inexplicable.

Amazon Creates Its Own Sales Holiday, "Amazon Prime Day"

Amazon promises July 15 will have more discounts than Black Friday.

Amazon has a new plan to win goodwill with Amazon Prime customers: Massive, one-day discounts. On Wednesday, July 15, Amazon is holding Amazon Prime Day to celebrate the ecommerce site's 20th anniversary.

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Microsoft Launches Tossup, A Social Polling App To Use With Your Friends

Tossup is an attempt to get into the casual event planning sphere.

Want to make plans with your friends without the back-and-forth of group texts? Microsoft's latest app Tossup is an event planning service that allows you to survey your friends to simplify group decision-making. The social polling app is the most recent product from the company's Microsoft Garage initiative, which gives employees the opportunity to work on passion projects on the side.

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Italian Surveillance Firm Called HackingTeam Gets Hacked

Some might call this poetic justice.

An Italian company that sells sophisticated tools for spying on Internet users to the world's most repressive governments appears to have just been the target of a massive hacker attack. The ironically named HackingTeam, which names three U.S. agencies as clients, was breached by unknown hackers, and 400 gigabytes of leaked data were made public via torrent.

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Reddit Users Push For CEO Ellen Pao's Resignation [Updated]

A petition asking Pao to step down has received more than 190,000 signatures.

Reddit may not have had a cheery, beer-soaked long weekend like the rest of us: On Friday, the online community found itself at the mercy of its own moderators, when almost 300 subreddits, most notably the popular "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) forum, were temporarily shuttered in response to Reddit's dismissal of talent director Victoria Taylor the day prior. The subreddits steadily began to reopen over the weekend, but the protest seemed to spur on support for a petition calling for Reddit CEO Ellen Pao's resignation.

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This Touching Film For Kissing Day Shows People Kissing We Don't Typically See Kissing In Films

Unsure what to do around disabled people? Try kissing them.
(But do ask permission first.)

The rather depressing statistic that just 7% of people have been on a date with, or asked out, a disabled person is part of the insight behind this heart-warming spot from U.K. charity Scope.

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Google's Ebook Logo Combines The Best Of Print And Digital Brands

How do you brand the digital book of the future? 50% old school, 50% new school.

From a design standpoint, Kindle books aren't radically different than their print counterparts. Letters are rendered in pixels rather than ink, and are somewhat adjustable. But otherwise, a digital a book is the same as an book. So whether it's a platform like Kindle or a more traditional publisher like Penguin, these brands tend to stick with traditional, typography-based wordmarks.

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NextRequest Puts The Public Information Request Process Online

Public information requests are currently a huge pain in the you-know-what.

Public information requests are a huge pain: The request process is different at different levels of government, and request forms often must be deposited in person to specific government locations between specific hours. Worse, people often make requests to the wrong agency. NextRequest wants to solve this problem by putting the whole information request process online, saving citizens time and governments money. Wouldn't it be great if you could just request and receive public information without having to get up from your desk?

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