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GM Recalls Another 718,000 Vehicles

The automaker has recalled nearly 30 million vehicles worldwide this year.

General Motors is issuing another six recalls affecting 717,950 automobiles for various safety reasons. None of the recalls this time were related to the ignition switch.

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How A Couple Bootstrapped Their Bakery By Living In A Bus For 18 Months

Bart Greenhut and his wife scraped together 19 years of savings and sold all their belongings to get their business off the ground.

How do you transform a passion for baking into a full-fledged business? In a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread Wednesday, Bart Greenhut of Los Angeles-based Bart's Bakery explained how he and his wife went from selling batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies in farmers' markets to producing about 1,000 pounds of cookies a day.

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Why Does This Cooler Have Almost $7 Million In Kickstarter Funding?

Apparently, America has lots of pent-up demand for a battery-powered Inspector Gadget cooler.

The Coolest cooler has $6.8 million in Kickstarter funding with 37 days left to go, as of this writing, putting it on track to surpass the Pebble smartwatch as the most-funded project on the site of all time, ever. According to Kicktraq, Coolest could rake in more than $22 million by the end of its run. Pebble, the smartwatch of crowdfunding lore, snagged over $10 million in funds. It wouldn't seem like such an unreasonable achievement for Coolest, except for the fact that it's essentially a cooler with a battery.

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More Than 1,000 StubHub Users Affected by Security Breach

Cyberthieves may be purchasing StubHub tickets on your dime.

The accounts of more than 1,000 StubHub users have been hacked by cyberthieves who have fraudulently made purchases on the online ticket reseller's site, which is owned by eBay. News of the security breach was reported last night by the Associated Press.

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Foursquare's New Logo Is A Superhero Symbol

And it gets right what Airbnb got wrong.

Hot on the heels of Airbnb's wildly contentious new logo, social check-in and search service Foursquare has unveiled their own new branding identity. And good news! Far from being the sexual Rorschach test that Airbnb's branding proved to be, Foursquare's updated logo is a marked improvement over the social network's old identity.

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When Wearable Tech Saves Your Life, You Won't Take It Off

Wearable health tech promises to save lives, so startups like MC10 are working to create something you'll never forget to put on.

The problem with wearables is that usually people stop wearing them. According to one recent report, one-third of users of activity-tracking wearables, like the Fitbit and the Jawbone, toss their devices aside after just six months.

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Europe Wants To Turn The Iron Curtain Into A Bike Path

4,225 miles of memories, new and old

The Iron Curtain, once the ominous line dividing Cold War-era rivals, is being transformed into a 4,225-mile cycling trail for recreational travelers.

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Internal Comcast Memo: Agent On That Painful Call Did What We Trained Him To Do

"That said, it was painful to listen to this call, and I am not surprised that we have been criticized for it."

An internal memo obtained by the Consumerist reveals what Comcast really thought about that excruciating customer service call earlier this month.

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Wall Street Journal Computers Hacked

Your personal information on is being held for ransom.

The Wall Street Journal has taken some of its systems offline after a cybersecurity breach that has potentially compromised the personal information of's users, as well as the credentials needed to control the site's servers.

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William Shatner Does Not Like Facebook's Mentions App That Asked Him To Follow George Takei

The Star Trek legend posted a thorough review of Facebook's new celebs-only app on his blog.

When Facebook released its celebrity-only Mentions app last week, the goal was to rope in verified celebs and give them an apparatus to monitor what people are saying about them across the social network. Now we're getting our first glimpse of what it's like behind the velvet rope courtesy of a legendary fameball: Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself.

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Commercial Drone Platform Airware Raises $25 Million

Though the company is awaiting FAA regulation of commercial drones, it already has early customers around the globe.

Airware, a platform for commercial drone development, announced Wednesday it raised $25 million in financing as it prepares to launch later this year.

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How Reebok Is Wooing The CrossFit Community With Bacon

Reebok creates bacon treats for the carb-averse, fitness-focused set.

The cultural affinity for bacon has reached epic proportions in recent years. Obsessive love of the salty, cured pork product has spawned countless memes and in Ron Swanson, Parks & Recreation's cantankerous manly man, bacon found an ambassador. There's a bacon expo, bacon shoes, bacon bandages, and bacon-flavored beer. There's the food-porn trifecta/culinary abomination bacon-jam cronut burger, and even, awkwardly, bacon toilet paper.

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The World's Most Energy-Efficient Countries

Guess what? The U.S. doesn't even rank in the top 10, and overall it appears the world could save tons of energy by doing more with less.

There's a cheap, easy way to have more energy, and it doesn't involve building another power station or wind farm. Using less energy to do the same amount of work--i.e. energy efficiency--remains a "massively underutilized energy resource," according to a new report.

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The Future Of Design, Imagined Honestly

Invisible losers, VR police states: "A History of the Future in 100 Objects" gets right what most futurist concepts get wrong.

If talk is cheap, then futurists are the cheapest talkers out there. Except not really, because they can get paid a lot of money for their glib, biased prognostications. Imagining futuristic product designs is especially dicey--concepts like Microsoft's Future Vision look like spit-polished touch-screen theme parks rather than thoughtfully realized worlds. Which is why the best design futurism I've ever seen didn't come from an outfit like Frog or Ideo, but from a weird science-fiction novel written by a neuroscience student-turned technology journalist-turned mobile game developer named Adrian Hon. It's called A History of the Future in 100 Objects, and in it, Hon does 100 times what high-powered "innovation firms" struggle to pull off even once: depict a realistic near-future in which unpredictable forces of mass and local culture, economics, and politics intersect with design to change the world in ways that designers never envisioned or intended.

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The Hysteria Over Death By Sitting Reaches Its Logical Conclusion

First standing desks, then walking desks. Now this?

Productivity seekers intimidated by treadmill desks can now thank the Kickstarter gods for Cubii, an elliptical desk companion. Much like the fitness machine found at your local gym, Cubii is a low-impact way to feel like you're doing exercise. And, unlike treadmill desks, which can cost upwards of $1,000 and barely fit in a cubicle, Cubii slides right under your desk and retails for $350.

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Tips On Crafting A Popular Newsletter, From Top Newsletter Authors

A look at the six most popular newsletters on TinyLetter and what they're doing right.

So you want to start a newsletter. The medium is having a moment, a phenomenon even the New York Times' esteemed media critic has noticed. The time to jump on the bandwagon, before #brands take over and ruin everything, is now.

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Ask The Experts: I Like My Job But The Culture Is Toxic--Should I Quit?

Back-biting, gossiping, whispers about who will quit next--sounds like a nightmare work environment. But is quitting the only solution?

When you spend more time with your coworkers than your family, unhappy colleagues mean a lot more to your happiness than you'd probably think.

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Damned If We Do: How Women And Minorities Get Penalized For Promoting Diversity

According to a new study, the best people to promote diversity in hiring are . . . white men?

As Madeleine Albright famously intoned, "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

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The 5 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

Some people possess natural negotiation chops. The rest of us just need practice.

Negotiating can be uncomfortable: standing up for yourself, asking for what you want, and trying to get a better price, terms, and condition often feels confrontational--and most of us avoid confrontation.

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What Your Office Jargon Says About You

Turns out how you "leverage your core competencies" reveals a lot about your office and your place in it.

You may not even notice it, but it's likely your inbox is flooded with suggestions to "reach out," "touch base," and "lean in."

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Why You Should Be Working From Home Today

Prolonging the weekend with a work-from-home day is tempting, but Wednesday is actually the best day to work from home.

If you decide you'd like to try working from home, you know the usual advice: schedule a meeting with your supervisor, and ask to try it one day a week.

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Proof That Your Moonlighting Gigs Can Earn You More Than Just Extra Cash

Moonlighting can teach you a lot about yourself and your business. What have you learned so far?

I am on a quest to stay passionate and productive in my day job.

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That Diner Feeling: How Denny's Became A Weirdly Successful Content Marketer

Chief brand officer Frances Allen talks about Denny's content marketing success, how it manages its offbeat social media persona, and the five core principles driving it all.

The Grand Slam breakfast has been sitting on Denny's menu since 1977. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes haven't changed, but the brand wanted to find a way to remind people that the Slam, along with a handful of other classic but oft-overlooked diner staples like Moons Over My Hammy, were still as tasty as ever. But how?

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Amazon Fire Phone Review: Ambitious And Inventive, But A Version 1.0 Product

Even a company like Amazon can't build a fully competitive phone on its first try.

It's 2014. The dynamics of the smartphone business seem pretty well settled. The iPhone and handsets based on Google's Android have divvied up the market between them, leaving little room for underdog alternatives such as Windows Phone. Only a company of stratospheric ambition and audacity would arrive on the scene with a smartphone based on yet another new platform.

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Google Announces $1 Million Engineering Challenge

The task: Build a laptop-size power inverter.

Google has $1 million with your name on it: All you have to do is prove you're nothing short of an engineering god.

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