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This Temperature Patch Will Notify Your iPhone When You Have A Fever

Here's to the Internet of worrywarts.

There are few things more anxiety-inducing than watching a loved one with a climbing fever—and few things more annoying for said loved one than having their temperature taken constantly. There has to be some sort of wearable that deals with that, right? Indeed there is.

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Here Come The Philanthropreneurs

How the wealthy are changing how, why, and to whom they give.

Entrepreneurs using wealth and power to transform society are not a new phenomenon. A century ago, Andrew Carnegie's love of libraries helped bring education to the masses, and he spent millions of dollars promoting world peace. Today's "philanthropreneurs" are equally ambitious—and they're succeeding, while redefining what it means to give and give back.

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Online Furniture Brand Hem Gambles On Brick And Mortar

Hem's debut showroom in Berlin takes the "design made easy" ethos offline. Here's why.

This past October, e-commerce design site Fab launched a furniture company that aimed to be "the first affordable high-end design brand created to serve online-direct customers." Now, the furniture brand Hem has gone brick and mortar with its first flagship store, opening this week in Berlin. The new store attempts to solve one of the most intractable problems with buying furniture online: How do you know what that table really looks like?

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Designing A Happier Office On The Super Cheap

We're talking Ikea cheap: it's small tweaks, rather than dramatic transformations, that have the biggest impact on company culture.

When Google set up shop in New York City in 2012, the Internet was flooded with pictures of its stunning new $1.9 billion space. The world marveled at lounges with deck chairs and slides, eco-friendly kitchens stocked with healthy food, and rooms designed to look like the inside of a tiny Chelsea apartment—complete with fake bathtubs and stovetops—for employees who like the idea of "working from home" at the office.

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Dropbox Versus The World

The new tech war is a battle to own your digital data. Dropbox's 32-year-old CEO thinks he can thwart the world's most formidable titans.

"What's preventing Google from disrupting your success?"

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Making The Case For Employee-Covered Fertility Treatments

One in eight women have fertility problems but most employers don't cover treatment. Is this the next frontier in working parent benefits?

In 2013, Katie Lelito was a graduate student and research assistant at the University of Michigan. She and her husband were ready to start a family, but months of trying brought no success.

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Want To Reach A Long-Term Goal? Try This Counterintuitive Strategy

When it comes to achieving goals, sometimes the right strategy is "all of the above."

I'm a big fan of slow, steady progress. I don't like to make changes in my life that I won't be able to sustain. When I needed to lose weight, I paid a bit more attention to my food choices, snacked less, and lost about half a pound a week. That's not much, but keep going and it's 10 pounds over 5 months.

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PlayStation's New Version Of Spotify Looks Nicely Tailored To Its Purpose

Instead of trying to do streaming music on its own, Sony is bringing one of the category's biggest names to its console. Smart!

In January, Sony announced that it would shut down its Music Unlimited service and replace it with a new service called PlayStation Music created in partnership with Spotify. It must have been a bittersweet moment for Sony, which—historically, at least—has liked to play up the fact that it's both a hardware company and a producer and distributor of entertainment as a strategic advantage. But it's tough to imagine that there were hordes of Music Unlimited fans who'd choose to keep it over a really good version of Spotify for the PlayStation.

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Jury Determines Kleiner Perkins Did Not Discriminate Against Ellen Pao

The conclusion of a years-long trial seems like a loss for women, but what does it mean in the bigger picture?

A verdict has been announced in the case of Ellen Pao vs. prominent venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

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The Recommender: Sarah Lawson, Car Whisperer

The best things on the Internet (and sometimes off) this week, curated by Fast Company employees.

Sarah LawsonPhoto: Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Sarah Lawson
Role at Fast Company: Assistant editor. "I get to work closely with our Most Creative People, so I spend lots of time chatting with them about what they're up to. I also write, work on our editorial live events, and prank my coworkers—which leaves just enough time in my day for trying to explain my job to my mom."
Twitter: @sklawson
Titillating Fact: When I was a kid, I was really into cars. Not glamorous cars like Ferraris—I mean I memorized the model years of Fords and Nissans. Coincidentally, this came in handy one day when my family was in a hit-and-run car accident where the offending driver sped off before my parents could identify anything about the car. So I casually walked over to the police officer at the scene and told him the car was a white '93 Altima with a such-and-such license plate and a missing hubcap. They caught the guy the next day! (I was 5.)

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Is It Wrong To Watch?

When a building exploded in Manhattan, witnesses, and those who wanted to witness, turned to a new class of live-video apps. Is that ethical?

Around 3:15 p.m. yesterday, a building in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood exploded and caught fire, injuring 19 people—three critically. As of this writing, at least two people are reported missing.

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After A Hack, Slack Adds Two-Factor Authentication--Is That Good Enough?

The beloved corporate chat app is telling its users to enable two-factor authentication in response to a hack.

If your organization uses Slack, there's a chance a hacker got a peek at some sensitive info recently. The fast-growing enterprise chat startup confirmed today that its database was breached in February and that the intruder had access to the names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords of Slack users.

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Right Now, the Internet Of Things Is Like The Internet Of The 1990s

A world of connected devices are starting to come online. Don't mistake what they do now for what they'll accomplish in the future.

Unless you think of technology as a geeky hobby unto itself, giving an Internet connection to everyday objects might seem like a waste of energy. Who needs really needs an online toaster, anyway?

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Watch A Calligrapher Recreate Famous Logos In Mere Seconds

Calligrapher Sebastian Lester is so good, he can draw the Google logo almost as fast as a computer can, and nearly as accurately.

The best logos in the world are so precisely crafted that every aspect—from the color to the shape—has been plotted to the nth degree, typically with digital tools. Which makes it all the more impressive that calligrapher Sebastian Lester can effortlessly blaze in and reproduce them with a few quick strokes of the pen.

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Light Up The Room With Your Dance Moves In These LED Shoes

Light-up sneakers shouldn't just be for kids.

Time for a little dancing in the dark? A new shoe design by Tokyo-based studio No New Folk takes light-up soles from mid-'90s kids' wear to hip accessory for the 21st century. Almost 100 LED lights wrap around the sole of the all-white shoes. The colors and patterns can be adjusted with a smartphone.

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Do Gun Owners Need An App To Tell Them Where Anti-Gun-Violence Activists Live?

It's just the latest in a disturbing trend: Your address and phone numbers are now weapons.

On Thursday morning, a handful of anti-gun-violence activists realized there is an app in the Google Play Store with their names on it—literally. The app, Gunfree Geo Marker, features a map pinpointing the home and work addresses of politicians, gun control organization employees, and "random anti-gun trolls" who "push the anti-gun agenda in any way, shape or form."

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Apple CEO Tim Cook To Donate His Fortune To Charity

Aside from paying for his nephew's college education, Cook has pledged to give away what is believed to be close to a billion dollars.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is donating his entire fortune to charity. Well, minus his nephew's college education, that is. Cook joins an ever-growing list of wealthy philanthropists who have pledged nearly all their fortunes to charitable causes.

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Global Crises And Economic Growth Drive Rising U.S. Weapons Sales

In a race to sell the world its weapons, especially in new markets like Africa, Russia isn't far behind the U.S., and China is surging.

One of the features of the 21st century, particularly since the 2008 financial crisis, has been the increasing number of rankings in which the United States is no longer number one. Title of top arms exporter, however, is not one of them—at least not yet—with the U.S. maintaining its number one spot almost every year since the Cold War ended.

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Take The Fast Company News Quiz

Apple's new streaming service, a major food merger, and more. Here's our quiz for March 27, 2015.

What happened this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events—and earn a special emoji badge. cool-face

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3 Ways Adidas Plans To Take The Sportswear Industry By Storm

Speed, focus, and maybe some robots.

Adidas needs a turnaround. The athletic company's U.S. sales are plummeting. And it's going to take more than poaching Nike design talent and recruiting Kanye West to make that happen. It's going to take a new approach to the business of shoes.

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