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Women in Tech Band Together to Track Diversity, After Hours
Eight women formed Project Include, a nonprofit effort to collect and share data, hoping to diversify the rank-and-file in Silicon Valley’s tech companies.
Google to Get Fiat Chrysler Minivans for Self-Driving Tests
The partnership will equip 100 vehicles with technology to advance and expand Google’s development effort.
Lured by Seattle’s Tech Boom, but Being Left Behind
As Seattle’s economy booms, spiraling housing prices are leaving some families behind, fueling a crisis of homelessness.
Brazilian Judge Lifts Suspension of WhatsApp
The nationwide suspension of the messaging service ended a day after a lower court judge ordered it in a quest for information in a criminal case.
What do Blac Chyna and Hillary Clinton Have in Common? Face-Swapping
The Snapchat feature, which focuses a camera lens on your face and that of another person and interchanges them, has become a new obsession for some.
Snapchat at 107 M.P.H.? Lawsuit Blames Teenager (and Snapchat)
A Georgia man severely injured in a car wreck is accusing the teenager who hit him of using Snapchat while driving excessive speeds.
Tech Tip: Resetting the iTunes Authorization Counter
If you no longer own some of the computers authorized to play your iTunes Store purchases, you can wipe the slate clean and start over.
Bits: Sometimes in Tech, Glitz Trumps Reason
Fitbit, which continues to increase sales, remains challenged by the mystique of Apple as it tries to compete with the multifunctional Apple Watch.
LIGO Gravitational Wave Researchers to Divide $3 Million
Yuri Milner, a Russian Internet entrepreneur, announced that the three leaders would split $1 million. The balance will go to 1,012 other scientists.
WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil as Judge Seeks Data
A court in Brazil has been seeking information from the messaging service to help in an organized crime and drug trafficking investigation.
Fitbit Strives to Escape the Shadow of Apple
Fitbit, a leader in wearable technology, is growing both in staff and sales, but it struggles with public comparisons to its larger rival Apple.
He’s Bitcoin’s Creator, He Says, but Skeptics Pounce on His Claim
Craig Steven Wright of Australia presented digital evidence linking him to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the currency’s creator; not everyone was convinced.
Bits: Daily Report: New York Searches for Its Anchor Tech Company
Silicon Valley has a long list of big companies that have become the centerpiece of the local economy. The Big Apple is looking for that tech giant.
New York City Casts a Net to Catch the Next Big Start-Up
A nonprofit, Tech:NYC, aims to make New York more appealing to start-ups, big tech companies and venture firms.
Bits: An iPad Misplaced at the Airport Takes Its Own Vacation
Using the Find My iPhone tracking feature, an owner follows the route of his device and goes online to post regular updates on its location.
Hackers’ $81 Million Sneak Attack on World Banking
Thieves used the Swift network to steal $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank in February, raising concerns about vulnerabilities within the system.
At 68, Maye Musk, the Mother of Elon, Is Reclaiming the Spotlight
A nutritionist who roamed the Kalahari desert and placed in beauty pageants has a career surge thanks in part to her eldest son, the technology titan.
Brooklyn’s Wearable Revolution
The borough is becoming the East Coast’s Silicon Valley, with a new development in the Navy Yards and another in Sunset Park.
Water Cooler: And Now, I Unfollow Thee
The pleasures — and complexities — of severing social media ties.
Bits: Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: The Unstoppable Facebook
The (relative) decline of Apple, the ascendance of Amazon and the continuing dominance of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.
Who’s in Charge at the Brooklyn Museum? It Could Be You
When the museum set out to refresh its galleries, it got help from visitors who use its unique smartphone app.
Insight and analysis on Silicon Valley and the technology industry.
Tech Fix: Taking the Stigma Out of Buying Used Electronics
Pre-owned products can be purchased with confidence; they are subject to rigorous testing and often come with return policies.
Tech Fix: Choosing to Skip the Upgrade and Care for the Gadget You’ve Got
As part of a movement against consumerism, more people are maintaining their electronics instead of constantly buying the newest, fastest model.
App Smart: With Dubsmash, Lip Syncing Like the Stars
The app, which lets you make and share videos of yourself lip syncing, has become a cultural phenomenon and attracted a crowd of celebrity users.
Tech Tip: Turning Down an OS X Upgrade
Apple will regularly alert you about updating your Mac to the latest version of its operating system, but you can turn off the messages.
Tech Tip: Keeping Sanity in Your Twitter Feed
Twitter provides several commands to control the tweets you see in your timeline and who can see your posts
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