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Bits Blog: Google Joins Amazon in Dreams of Drone Delivery
Who needs UPS trucks and bicycle delivery when you can fly in things people buy online?

Bits Blog: Questions for IBM’s Watson
IBM’s Watson keeps adding new features. But can it make money?

Bits Blog: With $30 Million More in Hand, IFTTT Looks to the Internet of Things
The idea behind the company, according to co-founder Linden Tibbets, is to give people more creative control over the many online services they use on a daily basis.

Irish Panel to Pick Privacy Regulator With Global Reach
The commissioner will be responsible for protecting the rights of those who use technology services outside the United States, including many users of Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple.

Supplier for Samsung and Lenovo Accused of Using Child Labor
The supplier, HEG Technology, quickly denied the claims by China Labor Watch, which has pressured big multinational companies about their supply chains.

Bits Blog: Uber and Lyft Have Become Indistinguishable Commodities
Though Uber and Lyft have become bitter enemies recently, in many places, they both offer ubiquitous, cheap and mostly high-quality service.

DealBook: Lending Club, Middleman for Small Loans, Plans Stock Offering
Lending Club, which has political heavyweights on its board and has raised money from the likes of Google, could rank among the 10 biggest initial public offerings of an Internet company.

Bits Blog: Looking to the Future of Data Science
The future of data science lies beyond the big-data focus on predictions and recommendations, according to Oren Etzioni, a leading computer scientist.

Smart Shopping: Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?
Most of the time, no. But, occasionally, yes. It’s a bet, like any form of insurance.
In India, an App for Chats and for Keeping Secrets
The Hike instant messaging system lets users filter information to cloak aspects of their social lives from their parents.

Disruptions: Ferguson Reveals a Twitter Loop
Twitter ensured that the events in Ferguson, Mo., led to a debate about police violence and race in America. But it was also responsible for creating and perpetuating numerous falsehoods.
Student-Built Apps Teach Colleges a Thing or Two
Undergraduates are building apps that are faster, easier-to-navigate versions of campus systems such as the ones that manage course catalogs and class scheduling.
DealBook: Mobile Sales Lift Alibaba Profit Nearly Threefold, Ahead of I.P.O.
As it prepares for an initial public offering in mid-September, the Chinese e-commerce company reported a staggering $2 billion of profit on $2.5 billion in revenue for its most recent quarter.

Plugged-In Over Preppy: Teenagers Favor Tech Over Clothes
For teenage apparel retailers, screen-obsessed youth pose a threat in the back-to-school sales season.
Business Briefing: Judge Turns Down Apple’s Bid to Halt Samsung Phone Sales
The ruling came nearly four months after a jury awarded Apple $119 million in damages for Samsung’s infringements on technology used in the iPhone.
JPMorgan and Other Banks Struck by Hackers
The hackers stole gigabytes of data, including account information. It is not yet clear if the attacks were financially motivated or part of a cyberespionage campaign.

Unbuttoned: Apps Like Tinker Tailor and Somebody Help You Shop (Uh-Oh)
Are some of the new fashion apps worth a download? Vanessa Friedman takes a look.
Bringing Tech Culture to the Staid College Quad
Digital ways to lower the cost of textbooks and learn about other cost-saving options.

Gadgetwise: Protect and Power Back-to-School Gear
Gadgets for returning students include smartpens, laptop-size backpacks, USB drives and backup batteries.
State of the Art: The Future Could Work, if We Let It
A book offers an optimistic view of the effects of technology, but its arguments have one big blind spot: human behavior.

Bits Blog: AT&T Mobility Names a New Chief Executive
AT&T, the No. 2 carrier in the United States, said it had given promotions to two major executives, including the chief executive of its wireless business.

By the Numbers: A Decade of Letting the Consumer Have a Say Online
Yelp, an online user-review site, will mark its 10th anniversary next month. The website recently introduced a new tool, Yelp Trends, to track the rise and fall of food crazes around the world.
Video: A (Very) Basic Twitch Users Guide
A guide to the site for the nongamer.

Bits Blog: Google Buys Zync, Maker of Visual Effects Software
The Internet giant is adding specialized technology to its cloud computing services.

App Smart: Programming Apps Teach the Basics of Code
Apps use different approaches in teaching the basics of coding; some offer interactive lessons, while others take the form of a game.
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