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GIFs Go Beyond Emoji to Express Thoughts Without Words
Animated, looping images are experiencing a surge on mobile devices, growing an industry and providing textless messages for millions of users.

Daily Report: Small Holidays Play Big on Social Media
Looking for something to say, many social media users are timing posts to match novel holidays. Tweed Day was big, as was Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day. Today happens to be National Watermelon Day. You didn’t know?

Bits Blog: Political Consultant for Uber to Advise Other Start-Ups
Bradley Tusk, a former campaign manager for New York’s last mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, is starting Tusk Ventures, a political consulting firm geared toward helping start-ups work with — and in some cases, beat back — government regulators.

Bits Blog: Mark Zuckerberg Posts on Facebook: After Miscarriages, We’re Having a Baby
The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, disclosed that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting a baby girl. The road to get there wasn’t easy.

German Carmakers Buy Nokia’s Here Mapping Unit for $3 Billion
A consortium including Audi, BMW Group and Daimler will acquire Here as technology and digital maps become an increasingly important part of the car industry’s future.

The Getaway: Foreign Language Apps for Traveling Abroad
Gone are the days when tourists wander around clutching guidebooks with an index of handy phrases. Today there are more convenient ways to facilitate communication.

AT&T Says Users Can Watch TV on Any Device With Its New Bundle, the First of Its Kind
After closing its takeover of DirecTV, the telecommunications giant announced its offering includes high-definition and digital video recording services, wireless phone service and a data plan.

Need a Reason to Celebrate? Check Online, Where Social Media Fills the Calendar
The growth of social media has spawned a national holiday — sometimes two — for seemingly every day of the year. It is an instinct as old as America itself.

Cool Influencers With Big Followings Get Picky About Their Endorsements
As advertisers struggle to connect with young audiences, many have turned to so-called influencers: social media stars with big followings. But it’s a bit of a gamble.

Bits Blog: Facebook Taking Open-Source Software Ethos to Drones
Autonomous aircraft firing lasers for three months at a time? Not bad. Open-sourcing the whole project? Maybe even better.

Bits Blog: Why Some Start-Ups Are Called Tech Companies and Others Are Not
For as long as there has been a commercial Internet, there has been fuzziness about what is or is not a tech company. And the question has only become more complicated.

Seattle Art Fair Receives a Boost From Tech’s Big Spenders
Dealers at the inaugural fair wanted to harness the newfound wealth of the tech class, and curators hoped to highlight a connection between Pacific Northwest and Pacific Rim culture and artists.

Farhad and Mike’s Week in Review: Twitter Problems
Two technology journalists from The New York Times assess the week’s major news stories from Silicon Valley, including earnings announcements from Facebook and Twitter.

New Orleans Hospital Is Replaced, With Hope of Preserving Its Mission
Charity Hospital, which was ruined by Hurricane Katrina, has been replaced with a $1.1 billion hospital, but there are concerns over whether it will continue its history of serving the poor.

Research Scientists to Use Network Much Faster Than Internet
The Pacific Research Platform will allow West Coast universities to connect on a high-speed network tens or hundreds of times faster than is typical now.

Yahoo Buys Polyvore, a Site Focused on Shopping
Yahoo has acquired Polyvore, a social shopping site that lets users pick and share clothing ensembles — and purchase all items shown.

U.S. Decides to Retaliate Against China’s Hacking
The Obama administration decided a response was needed after the Chinese stole data on 20 million Americans from the Office of Personnel Management.

Amazon Pushes to Deliver More Prime Time
Between series like “Transparent” and deals with Woody Allen, Spike Lee and the car-show host Jeremy Clarkson, Amazon is nurturing its original programming to build its subscription service.

Unpacking and Decoding the World of Animation
An exhibition shows how animation has grown far beyond traditional bounds to become a staple of the digital era.

Music Artists Take On the Business, Calling for Change
As their attitudes toward the online economy shift, more artists are speaking out for an overhaul of the industry and how they are compensated.

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