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Tim Cook’s Disclosure That He’s Gay Garners Sweeping Praise
Apple’s chief executive was hailed by top executives, including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sundar Pichai of Google.

Room for Debate: Hacking Sexism in Tech
What can be done to eliminate both subtle and blatant discrimination against women in the tech industry?

Apple’s Tim Cook Says He Is ‘Proud to Be Gay’
Mr. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, became by far the most prominent executive of a public company to come out.

In the Slow Lane: Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability
The lack of competition in the U.S. broadband industry could have long-term economic consequences for American competitiveness.
Tim Cook, Apple’s C.E.O., Says He Is Proud to Be Gay
The public declaration by the chief of Apple, in an essay written for Bloomberg Businessweek, makes Mr. Cook the highest-profile C.E.O. to come out.

Gadgetwise: The Latest Flipboard Serves Up the News and Some Surprises
The latest version of the Flipboard tablet magazine offers a staff-selected “front page” of stories and a wide range of extremely specialized topics.

Microsoft Jumps Into the Growing Market for Wearable Fitness Technology
Microsoft is joining the companies who see wearables as a way into the wellness business without all the red tape that comes from being a true medical company.

Samsung Reports Lowest Profit in 3 Years
With a decline in its third-quarter smartphone business, the South Korean company was on track for its worst year since 2011.
Apple Pay Rival MCX Open to Other Technology
A group of retailers known as the Merchant Customer Exchange said that it could yet decide to use the technology that Apple Pay relies on to process transactions.

Machine Learning: Bluetooth Smart Improvements Appear in More Devices
An update made in 2010, also called Bluetooth 4.0, uses less power and has better pairing capability.

Bits Blog: IBM Teams Up With Twitter to Give Business a Gauge Powered by Social Media
The partnership seeks to harness Twitter messages as a way for businesses to make decisions based on real-time trends among the social network’s users.

Bits Blog: Unpacking the F.C.C.’s Online Video Proposal
A blog post by the commission’s chairman about expanding the definition of cable operator to include online video distributors seemed to raise as many questions as it answered.

Bits Blog: Reddit Opens a Crowdfunding Site
An initiative from the popular online community site could potentially turn into a revenue stream.

Critic’s Notebook: The Terror of Alien: Isolation and the Evil Within
It’s good to be scared: Simple, pleasing terror returns in Alien: Isolation, The Evil Within and P. T.
State of the Art: Amazon’s Grand Design in Devices
The overall strategy behind the retailer’s hardware lineup appears puzzling. Its devices sound fantastic in theory but often fall short.

Bits Blog: HP Unveils Plan to Make 3-D Printing an Everyday Thing
The company, which made a fortune on conventional printers, has long been expected to go into 3D printing, which is still a small market.

Bits Blog: F.C.C. Proposal Would Allow à la Carte Internet Video Services
The proposal by Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, would allow some so-called over-the-top online video providers to carry cable and local broadcast stations, provided they could agree on financial terms.

Disruptions: Tinder, the Fast-Growing Dating App, Taps an Age-Old Truth
When it comes to dating, research shows, looks are all that matter, at least initially, something Tinder has taken full advantage of.

App Smart: Duolingo, Busuu and Other Apps Teach Languages on Phones
Plenty of smartphone apps offer worthwhile and entertaining lessons.

Proposed Internet Tax Draws Hungarians to Streets in Protest
Under a bill proposed by the government, data traffic would be taxed at the rate of about 62 cents a gigabyte. Critics say it seeks to limit access to independent sources of news.
Protesters in Hong Kong on Edge as Police Track Their Online Footprints
A man’s arrest over posts about the pro-democracy demonstrations raises concern that the authorities have begun to patrol the Internet.

AT&T Accused of Deceiving Smartphone Customers With Unlimited Data Plans
The Federal Trade Commission said smartphone customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan often found their data speeds reduced if they were in the top 5 percent of users.

DealBook: Facebook’s $21.8 Billion WhatsApp Acquisition Lost $138 Million Last Year
Based on the data in a new securities filing, Mark Zuckerberg’s company paid about 2,000 times annual revenue for WhatsApp.

Bits Blog: Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra Says He Is an Apple Fan, but Not a Copycat
An Apple executive recently called the design of Xiaomi’s phones “theft.” In return, Mr. Barra pointed out that parts of Apple’s new phones are a bit like handsets from HTC.

Bits Blog: YouTube Weighing New Subscription Service
YouTube’s subscription effort is still in the very early phases, and the company appears to be targeting potential partners from big media companies to individual publishers.

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