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Avago Agrees to Buy Broadcom for $37 Billion
The rival companies have little overlap in their chip and semiconductor products, but by combining, they could gain negotiating power with manufacturers.

Bits Blog: A Primer on Android Pay and Google Wallet
Here is how Google’s new mobile payments products — Android Pay and Google Wallet — are set to work.

Common Sense: How Netflix Keeps Finding Itself on the Same Side as Regulators
The invisible hand of Netflix has been at work influencing policy and proposed mergers in the cable, broadband and media businesses.

Google Intensifies Focus on Its Cardboard Virtual Reality Device
The search giant is introducing several initiatives to highlight its inexpensive virtual reality viewer, including a partnership with GoPro and plans to post VR videos on YouTube.

Bits Blog: As Mobile Payments Rise, Apple and Google Prepare Their Moves
Google is set to unveil a payments initiative for merchants and a refashioned consumer app at its annual developer’s conference, while its rival reportedly plans a rewards program for Apple Pay.

Search Results: Drizzy and the New Celebrity Worship
The fan club has migrated from bedroom walls to smartphone apps that let you text out Drake lyrics or pose with One Direction.

Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation: The Dohm Sound Machine
White noise to fill the dark nights of the human soul.

F.C.C. Chief Seeks Broadband Plan to Aid the Poor
The plan will suggest sweeping changes to a $1.7 billion subsidy program charged with ensuring all Americans have affordable access to advanced telecommunications services.

White House Presses for Deal on Phone Data Bill
The Obama administration urged the Senate to reach an accord on the N.S.A. collection of phone data before Sunday’s deadline halting the program.

State of the Art: A Murky Road Ahead for Android, Despite Market Dominance
Android is the most popular operating system in the world by far, but it is under siege by low-end upstarts and fares poorly versus Apple’s iOS in ad revenue.

Google and Apple Adjust Strategies on Mobile Payments
Google is set to unveil a payments initiative for merchants and a refashioned consumer app, while its rival reportedly plans a rewards program for Apple Pay.

An Online Luxury Consignment House
A French company sees a growing business in consignment sales of luxury items.

Avago in Talks to Acquire Broadcom
A deal would be the latest in a wave of consolidation among chip makers.

Disruptions: How Clash of Clans Is Taking Bullying to the Virtual Playground
Social patterns in the real world are replicated in the online world, and being excluded from digital games can take a toll.

Five Steps to Secure Your Data After I.R.S. Breach
Security experts say personal information is already available to those ready to pay for it, but there are ways to discourage online thievery.

Jawbone Accuses Fitbit of Stealing Information by Hiring Workers Away
The legal action is an unusual twist as Fitbit prepares to make its stock market debut to take advantage of huge demand for wearable devices.

Gadgetwise: Keeping Your Classic Tech Devices Running
From house calls to mail-in service, there is a repair option out there for your cherished but obsolete gadgets.

Hiding Smartphone Photo Location Information
Guard your privacy when you post your photos online by turning off location services for your smartphone’s camera app.

App Smart: Video Feature: Apps That Bring Science to Life
Learning about physics and chemistry is often not easy, but through interactivity and other methods, technology can help simplify some concepts.

Bits Blog: DJI and Accel Partners Form Drone Investment Fund
The Chinese drone maker and the venture capital firm have formed an investment fund to support more drone and advanced robotics start-ups.

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