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Bloomberg Terminals Suffer Widespread Failures
The company said hardware and software failures were to blame, but added that service had been “fully restored.”

WikiLeaks Posts Sony Pictures Documents, Angering the Studio
The web portal said a trove of documents stolen by hackers is “newsworthy” because it shows “the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation.”

Your Money Adviser: Banking on Apple Watch Will Be Limited, for Now
Apps will allow users to peek at their balance and recent activity, but not to to pay bills or make deposits.

Verizon to Offer Slimmer TV Channel Packages to Battle Streaming Rivals
The FiOS Custom TV service will begin on Sunday, and offers a base $55 monthly package that includes some customization.

Q&A: Taking a Facebook Break, Temporarily or for Good
The site lets users deactivate their accounts and then return with all content intact. Permanently deleting an account wipes it, and all the content, out.
Bits Blog: Is Slack Really Worth $2.8 Billion? A Conversation With Stewart Butterfield
The corporate messaging start-up Slack raised $160 million at a $2.8 billion valuation. Stewart Butterfield, the company’s chief executive, discusses Silicon Valley’s easy-money moment.

Bits Blog: Apple Watch Availability Is Clarified
Apple’s retail head, Angela Ahrendts, has told retail employees that the Apple Watch will not be available for in-store purchasing on the day of its April 24 release.

Etsy I.P.O. Tests Pledge to Balance Social Mission and Profit
As a public company, Etsy is expected to face scrutiny from investors on how much it prioritizes its noble pursuits over its bottom line.

With Eye on Mobile, Yahoo Revises Its Search Partnership With Microsoft
Under the new agreement, Yahoo will be allowed to deliver its own search results and ads for up to half the searches made by visitors to its sites and apps.

A Yale Graduate Leaves a Trail of Ventures and Debts
Joshua Bryce Newman seems to fit the part of the young, successful entrepreneur. But the lawsuits filed against him paint a different picture.

Jackpots for Local TV Stations in F.C.C. Auction of Airwaves
The Federal Communications Commission is trying to persuade hundreds of TV stations to part with some of the most desirable airwaves, which would be acquired by mobile providers.

China Halts New Policy on Tech for Banks
The rules, which called for companies that sell computer equipment to reveal secret code, have been at the center of a trade conflict with the United States.

The Workologist: Colleagues Addicted to Tech
New co-workers surf the Internet up to half of the workday, but what looks like slacking could be part of some people’s natural process to help them think through problems.
Bits Blog: Nudge + Coach App Connects Health Data to a Real-Life Coach
Nudge, a small start-up, has a solution to the problem of what to do with all the data collected by wearable gadgets and data trackers.

Bits Blog: Segway Finds Some Respect and a Buyer in China
The Segway, the punchline of countless jokes about overhyped gadgets, may get the last laugh: A company in China plans to acquire the scooter maker.

Iran Is Raising Sophistication and Frequency of Cyberattacks, Study Says
A new study concludes that Iran has greatly increased the frequency and skill of its cyberattacks, even while negotiating with world powers over its nuclear program.

Google Joins Its U.S. Peers Under Europe’s Scrutiny
American technology companies are no strangers to antitrust challenges by European regulators, but the cost has tended to be measured in money and time, not business practices.

Europe Challenges Google, Seeing Violations of Its Antitrust Law
The charge focuses on accusations that the company diverts traffic from its rivals to favor its own products and services, particularly websites for shopping.

Microsoft, Once an Antitrust Target, Is Now Google’s Regulatory Scold
The European Union is accusing Google of abusing its dominance, and Microsoft has links with the three initial complainants that sparked the antitrust investigation.

Though Profits Fall, Netflix Shares Surge on Subscriber Growth
The company said Wednesday that it had a total of 59.6 million paid streaming members during the quarter, a net addition of 4.9 million.
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