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Drs. Samuel Seaman & Michael Williams

T: 310-506-8093
F: 310-506-4019

Virtue and Commerce

Spring, 2009
Alternating Thursdays, 9-12, L3



  • I apologize for the confusion about class this week. I've been in the middle of a move an thus less attentive than usual. You do NOT need to prepare for Patric's material this week. He is going next time. See the table below for our schedule.





    Allison Boman

    Art (should have a summary and art to view by Wed


    Michael Cashin

    Video here



    Albert Carr's "Is Business Bluffing Ethical" (on eRes)



    Clips from Other People's Money that we missed last time


    Brian, Lisa S., & Patric

    see the ZoHo Sheet here


    Lisa W., Sandro, Rachelle

    see the ZoHo Sheet here (UPDATED: 3/3/09)


    Colleen & Diya



    MLW & SLS

    See Syllabus for readings from Minding the Store


  • Resources for this week from Patric and Michael are here. Allison is going to use art in class. She may make it available before class also.
  • The first reflection paper is due this Thursday (3.5.09) before class. Please post it in Blackboard using the "Assignments" link.
  • Students who have class leadership responsibility for our next meeting on March 5th...please get your materials in to Dr. Williams by Friday, February 20th. This will give everyone almost two weeks to secure the resources and review them for class.
  • There are a few pages missing from the copy of "Two Lovely Beasts" at eRes.  You can access the missing pages at Books.Google.Com, or directly here.
  • Participation grades are being posted in Blackboard.  Please see "My Grades" in Bb for your participation grades each week.  Since we did not post them immediately after class on Week 1, we gave everyone who attended a 100%.  From here on we will post grades immediately after class with a 90% being awarded to those who meet our expectations for class participation, 100% going to those who make especially valuable contributions to our learning (e.g., quality comments that draw on the text and reveal a level of preparation and integration above the 'average'), and 80% going to those who are not as involved in the classroom learning experience (e.g., not as involved in the conversation, comments that do not reflect familiarity with the course material...)
  • We need to assign responsibilities for Class Leadership for Weeks 4, 5, and 6.  Three or four students will lead each week.  You are responsible for...
    • Selecting the material for class discussion at least two weeks in advance.
    • Providing a copy of the material for class use (e.g., a video, book, or article can be reserved at the library) at least two weeks prior.  Copyright laws allow us to photocopy a single chapter from a book to post for class use.  Only minor purchases should be required (e.g., an iTunes TV show).
    • Leading the discussion by asking Factual, Interpretive, and Evaluative questions and keeping the discussion focused on the "text".
    • Feel free to volunteer for the week you prefer.  If we don't have any volunteers for Class 4 (Week 1 of Session B), we will randomly assign all participants.
  • Your first reflection paper is due Class 4.

Really Old
Good afternoon! We are looking forward to our time together exploring the intersection of Virtues and Commerce. We will all learn a lot and enjoy a unique learning experience. Here are a few announcements to help you prepare for our class together.

  1. We will meet every OTHER week from 9-12 AM throughout the semester in room L4.  Our first meeting is Thursday, 1/15.  (We are NOT meeting this week, so you will have time to prepare for our first class meeting).
  2. You can find all the relevant course material on the course wiki.  Please take a few minutes to review it so you are familiar with it.  We will post all announcements and resources here.  Also it lists where you can find the textbook, library materials, and syllabus.
  3. Please order the required bookASAP so you can begin reading.  It is a collection of stories and samples dealing with business and virtue.  It's available from all major online book resellers.
  4. Prepare for Week 1.  This class includes a lot of reading and discussion.  All week 1 readings are listed in the syllabus and below...


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