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Dr. Michael Williams

T: 310-506-8093
F: 310-506-4019
613 Resources
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Technology & Operations

Fall, 2008, Session B
Monday, 10-12, L3



  • Process Fundamentals and Fabritek (see preparation notes here and here)
  • For Week 3 - The Fate of the Vasa (see preparation notes here) Joshua
  • Also, read the "Innovation Supply Chain" article available from (search for 613, the password is "information"). 
  • Here are some questions Joshua would like us to be ready to discuss on Monday.
  • Lessons Learned about Virtual Work (here)
  • For Week 5 - Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker (here) (Preparation questions here) Bryan
  • For Week 6 -ERP at San Diego Schools (here) Sabrina
  • Littlefield Labs Materials -are available (here).

    Class Pages

  • Curriculum Options MBA 613 Curricular Options.doc
  • Case Recommendation Template
  • Case Recommendation FAQ
  • Lessons Learned about Virtual WorkVirtual Work
    Revised Course Structure is visible here