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Pepperdine University licensed the plagiarism detection service,, in 2007. The tool is licensed for all five schools of Pepperdine University. To assist our faculty, the tool is integrated within one of the primary learning management systems, Courses (powered by Sakai) - Archive.


Benefits of For Students

The service can benefit our students. If implemented by instructors in the spirit intended by our institution, and coupled with additional research and writing resources, Turnitin can help students:

  1. Learn about ethical research and writing
  2. Learn about proper citation
  3. Protect their intellectual property

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Benefits of For Faculty

The service can benefit our faculty. Here are just a few of the potential benefits of the service:

  1. Promote ethical research and writing
  2. Educate students about proper citation
  3. Save time (scan multiple sources through one tool)
  4. Deter plagiarism

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Other Options

If students would like to preview their work, they do have other options. For example, they can sign up for Turnitin's WriteCheck service. This is a fee-based service that students would pay for individually. The service will scan their paper against Turnitin's service without storing the paper in the Turnitin paper repository.

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