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Dr. Michael Williams

T: 310-506-8093
F: 310-506-4019

613 Resources

Technology & Operations

Spring, 2009, Session A

Spring, 2009, Session B

Monday, 1-5, U2

Tuesday, 1-5, L3

Wednesday, 8-12, L3

Wednesday, 8-12, L3

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How-To Videos


Session B


  • Average quiz scores are available here. (updated!)
  • Innov8 is a simulation of BPM within a corporation. It requires about 1.5-2 hours to complete. You must complete it and the corresponding assignment by week 7. You can get the Innov8 game from me during class, or by dropping by my office. Alternately, you can copy it onto a USB drive from PC #10 in the computer lab.


  • The Online Class is fully described below. See the Child Page for your Section (Tue, Wed) . If you have questions, please email me. Especially, note: ALL students should purchase and register for the Root Beer Game by noon on Friday so my GA can establish teams.
  • All assignments except case recommendation memos are due on Week 5. The RFID@ Metro case recommendation memos are due by the regular time (the beginning of your regularly scheduled Week 4 Class).
  • Please note...We are doing the "San Diego City Schools" case in Week 3 per the syllabus. Please be sure to use the correct questions in preparing. The Case Discussion


    document incorrectly shows SDCS as Week 4.
  • Per the syllabus, you need to prepare for class next week by reading the CPI case CPI Business Case Memo. You do not have to complete an options grid in your memo, simply write a brief memo stating whether or not you would fund the CPI Project and why/why not.
  • The average quiz score for Week 2 was 75%.
  • Please remember to purchase the

    Root Beer Game

    prior to class next week so my GA can set up the teams. It costs less than $20.

613.17 (Monday)...since we did not have time to discuss the Fabritek case in class this week, we will discuss it next week. This means

  • You may write either the Fabritek or the Zara case recommendation for next week.
  • The On-the-Spot assignments are:
    • Map the Process Flow (from raw materials inspection to shipping) Simona
    • Identify the micro causes of rejects (team & individual) Amanda
    • Identify the macro causes of rejects (organizational & strategic) Frankie
    • Analyze the causes Anton
    • What do you recommend to address the problem? Wei
  • The average quiz performance today was 61%
  • This wiki will be the primary clearinghouse for information about our course. You can access it via





    Prior to our first class...

  • Be sure to buy the right textbook for our class. It's available at Amazon as well as many other online retailers. (There is a quiz in Week 1 covering the reading from the textbook).
  • You will also need to buy a set of cases online. You may use the link on the left under "Resources" or click here. Come ready to discuss and analyze the Fabritek case. See Case Discussion


    to help you prepare.
  • You can sign-up to receive an email when I update the wiki. Just log into the wiki (using your PU credentials), then click on the "envelope" icon in the top right corner of the page.

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